Tinnitus: An Overview

If you often hear some buzzing sounds in your ears, it is something that should look into. Chances are you might be experiencing Tinnitus. Tinnitus is commonly referred to as ‘ringing ears’ or ‘head noise’. To some people, it is known as ‘the club disease’ because some people experience a pulsing sound in their ears right after being exposed to loud sounds.

Emotional and physical stress can make tinnitus even worse. Loud noises can also infect the eardrums that may result to physical damage in the more sensitive areas of your inner ear. The nerves, cochlea and eardrums are parts of ear that should be taken care of and in worst cases, tinnitus can lead hearing loss.

The first thing you should do when you hear some whistling or hissing sounds in your ear is to consult your doctor. With proper medical attention, the root cause of tinnitus can be discovered. Tinnitus can be attributed to kidney malfunctions, high blood pressure and allergies. It can also be caused by emotional instability, drug intake and overexposure to loud noises.

There are a lot of things you can do to alleviate the ringing sounds in your ears. Proper diet can effectively lessen the risk of tinnitus. A doctor can give you professional advice on whether you should undergo medical or surgical treatment. In some unfortunate cases, the cause of tinnitus can never be pointed out. If this is the case then you can look for other alternatives to help you lessen the ‘ringing’ of your ears.

A lot of studies have been devoted on how to eliminate tinnitus. Hypnosis and relaxation therapy are some of the unconventional ways of treating this ailment. Drug and vitamin therapy can also be an option. More modern ways of treating tinnitus include biofeedback and electrical stimulation.

A tinnitus masker can be an effective tool in coping with tinnitus. Maskers are somewhat similar to hearing aides. They produce certain sounds that can disguise the annoying sounds of tinnitus. Most patients would rather hear something apart from what they hear inside their heads and maskers are giving off soothing sounds that can get your mind off the whistling sound of tinnitus.

To prevent tinnitus, try to stay away from loud noises as in concerts and clubs. Be extra careful on cleaning your ears as you may damage some sensitive parts of your inner ear. Life would never be as beautiful without good ears to hear. So at first sign of ringing in your ears, immediately head for your doctor for proper advice.

Jason Rickard

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