How to End Your Battle With Tinnitus

Are you having a battle with tinnitus? It is like a buzzing or ringing bell in your ears or somewhere in your head that annoys you all the time. The sound varies from small nuisance for most people to severe irritation for others that can dominate their life and make it hard to do normal activities like sleeping, concentrating at work and understanding conversation. In severe cases some people even seek psychiatric help because the sound is like an internal siren that disturbs their peace of mind. It is important to learn how to end your battle with tinnitus and increase the quality of your life.

Researchers estimated that there are 36 million Americans who are suffering from tinnitus and around one percent to two percent of them have severe tinnitus enough to affect their everyday life. If you are one of these people it will be a great relief to know how to end your battle with tinnitus.

Here are some tips to end your battle with tinnitus:

Do not panic. The first thing you should do is be calm. You should know how to relax because stress could worsen your tinnitus. It is best to talk to people who can give you solid advice about tinnitus to keep your peace of mind and of course to know how to end your battle with tinnitus.

Know your triggers. Know what triggers your tinnitus and track when you usually have the ringing sound in your ears or head. You should also be aware if your job or the environment around you is triggering your tinnitus. These things will help you in knowing more about your problem and in seeking the best treatment for you.

Know the cause of your tinnitus. Tinnitus could be a symptom of hearing loss because most people with tinnitus also have hearing loss problems. Long exposure to noisy environment is another cause. It was reported that men are more likely to acquire tinnitus because most men work in noisy places like construction, mining and oil well drilling. Medicine can also cause ringing in the ears and if you are under medications you have to ask your doctor about it. Tinnitus could also be a symptom of other illnesses especially in the neck and head. There are many causes of tinnitus and you have to seek medical advice once you experienced tinnitus symptoms to get the right diagnosis and learn how to end your battle with tinnitus. Otalaryngologist and audiologist can help you find out why you have tinnitus.

Know the available treatment for you. There are a number of treatments available to help you end your battle with tinnitus. Hearing aid is one treatment for people who have tinnitus due to hearing loss. Masker is an electronic device that uses sound to make unwanted ringing sound in your ear less noticeable. It is important that you seek advice to know the treatment suitable for your condition to end your battle with tinnitus.

Natural remedies are another option if you are into natural treatment. Did you know that you can get rid of the ringing noise naturally in just a few minutes a day? To know how to end your battle with tinnitus naturally visit Cure for Tinnitus

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  1. Theresa Says:

    Remedies for tinnitus can anyone recommend?
    I just can’t stand this anymore, battling with tinnitus for months and it almost kill me. Been searching for tinnitus remedies and I would like to ask for help. Sometimes my left ear blocked and I couldn’t hear anything in it. Anything can stop my ear ringing problem? I had tried many medical and drug but it can only control but not cure it completely, any alternative remedies for tinnitus? Arrggh… life is hard.

  2. Shirley Says:

    You should first determine the causes of tinnitus. I don’t feel the medicine or drug is right for you because it is just not the right tinnitus remedies.
    Check out this nice article. It has some nice natural remedies for tinnitus and hope you can cure it. We know it, life is tough 🙂
    References :—Stop-Your-Tinnitus-Naturally&id=2933690

  3. Eric Says:

    Hi Theresa,

    1st things 1st…calm down. you really seem to be suffering a lot.

    Tinnitus involves a ringing noise in the ear/s which may or may not be accompanied by hearing loss. It is actually a nerve problem.

    The problem with many conventional medications for tinnitus is that firstly they are hardly effective. Secondly, they themselves (like Xanax) are capable of inducing tinnitus (in approx. 7% of cases).

    Natural and holistic tinnitus remedies can be effective in assisting with the relief of symptoms, as well as addressing the individual’s overall health and well-being.

    Tinnitus herbal remedies can be used to support all body systems involved in helping the ear to perform its tasks of clear hearing and balance, as well as the circulatory, cardiovascular, and nervous systems.

    Some of the most common herbs used are

    • Ginkgo Biloba is excellent for a number of cerebral and circulatory disorders. It is probably the most widely-used herb for tinnitus and many sufferers swear by this natural ingredient.
    • Rosemary dilates and strengthens blood vessels and is an excellent circulation tonic. Rosemary is particularly useful for tinnitus that is caused or worsened by high blood pressure and other circulatory conditions.
    • Avena Sativa is effective in reducing high cholesterol levels which can contribute to circulatory problems which cause tinnitus.
    • Wild Hyssop s also useful in reducing pain and inflammation.
    • Salicylic Ac. is indicated for tinnitus with loud roaring or ringing sounds, which may be accompanied by deafness or vertigo. This remedy is particularly useful in people whose symptoms began with a bout of flu, Meniere’s disease or long-term use of aspirin.

    Hope all this helps

    Good Luck!
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  4. zacharychee Says:

    Hey there.

    I understand your pain. Tinnitus does not only just bring you the annoying ringing noise. It brings also anxiety, depression, sleepless night and some people even went became suicidal.

    There are countless of remedies you can use to treat your Tinnitus really. You can do audio therapy, vitamins and even some home remedies.

    Talking about home remedies, I so happened to know there are people who recovered from tinnitus with it and yeah, it really surprised me. Maybe you should go for it too.

    I found a website which might be useful for you. There are a number of treatments you can consider. Let me know what you think and I’ll wait for your good news.
    References :

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